Niveau Management & Consultancy

Niveau Management & Consultancy is an organization who recommends and implements sustainable solutions in the fields of Supply Chain, Purchasing and ICT.

Referring to the hawk in our business logo, we recommend our solutions from a broad perspective and implement these with a sharp eye for every substantial detail. Starting a project we accept the customer´s organization as it is and guide management and employees to the desired situation. We always keep in mind our slogan ´simplicity is inexhaustible´. All our solutions can be explained clearly in a single sentence. Our customers, being too involved in their problem puzzle to find the best way out themselves, highly appreciate our contribution.

We act in miscellaneous roles as Change Manager, Interim Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager and Business Consultant.

Our customers are (inter)national companies and organizations within industry, trade & distribution,  B2B services and (semi) government.

Our interim professionals are seniors with a broad and thorough expertise in the fields of Supply Chain, Purchasing and ICT.

Supply Chain

Transparency, speed and flexibility determine 'to be or not to be'.


10% Savings on purchasing means adding 100% to company´s earnings. Professional handling of needs, specifications, selection and contracts.


Focus on management and user satisfaction, security and business continuity.

"Simplicity is inexhaustible"