Supply Chain

Transparency, speed and flexibility determine 'to be or not to be'.

To keep competitive advantage in the supply chain, transparency, speed and flexibility are vital. The 24x7 availability of real-time information of each link in the supply chain, determines whether you can take the right decision today for tomorrow. The continuous pursuit of lowest cycle-times is essential because today´s consumers demand maximum customization and are not willing to wait.

Flexibly and quickly up- and downsizing are critical for your existence tomorrow. Transparency, speed and flexibility: they determine 'to be or not to be`. We can help you. We are familiar with miscellaneous concepts of supply chain in many branches.

Niveau Management - Supply chain

Transparancy can be achieved by performing process analysis, establishment of clear logistical concepts based on direct visual guidance and control, implementation of IT systems, introduction of Balance Scorecards containing KPI`s.

Speed can be drastically improved by re-engineering your process, not only including your goods flow but also your administrative, planning and R&D flows. All actions that occur twice (rework) or add no value must be removed. IT systems must seamlessly exchange information so the situation on the shop floor will be represented in the IT system 1:1 . Suppliers must be involved in the re-engineering and IT improvement process as well.

Flexibility starts with making the right strategic decisions. What is the desired quota of permanent and flexible staff? Securing the structure for flexible staff can be obtained by the negotiation of competitive contracts with flex offices, the establishment of a continuous training system and the implementation of an adequate business planning system.

Supply Chain

Transparency, speed and flexibility determine 'to be or not to be'.


10% Savings on purchasing means adding 100% to company´s earnings. Professional handling of needs, specifications, selection and contracts.


Focus on management and user satisfaction, security and business continuity.

"Simplicity is inexhaustible"