Focus on management and user satisfaction, security and business continuity.

ICT has become the carotid artery of the organization. ICT is interwoven with all business processes and functions, customers, suppliers and government. Together with the rapidly changing state of the art technology it has become more and more complex to maintain a continious sufficient level of management and user satisfaction and to guarantee the security and business continuity of the company. We can support you to achieve this.

Satisfaction of managers and employees can be guaranteed by a flawless implementation of ICT governance in organizations. A best in class ICT governance can be recognized by the fast solutions delivery to questions or problems reported by users, by the in time and accurate implementation of change requests and by the delivery of larger IT projects such as software implementations within plan and budget.


Security is a phenomenon that should be paid attention to, every minute of the day, to maintain it's status. Security comprises usage of the right technology, physical measures in the building, measures taken in both the organization and the business process and procedural agreements. Security is all too often solely assigned to the ICT department while this phenomenon should be a continious subject on the agenda of the management committee.

Continuity is too often linked to a horizon of one day. It ought to be about years. Continuity must be guaranteed by a series of technological measures, through a thorough selection of suppliers, through crystal clear and complete contracts with partners, by proactively responding to business goals and strategies, through appropriate HR policies on selection and training of employees.

Supply Chain

Transparency, speed and flexibility determine 'to be or not to be'.


10% Savings on purchasing means adding 100% to company´s earnings. Professional handling of needs, specifications, selection and contracts.


Focus on management and user satisfaction, security and business continuity.

"Simplicity is inexhaustible"